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Ecological and geological culture breathtaking, romantic feeling enlightened mountain culture,Profound Buddhist culture ...

  • Huaying Mountain Giant panda Wild reintroduction training base is located in Huaying City Tianchi forest arch Bay area, area of 300 acres, 2014 August 21st officially occupancy Huaying Mountain Giant p…

    The giant panda

  • Huaying Mountain Chinese and foreign celebrity wax museum is located in Huaying City, Sichuan Huaying Mountain area, in 2006 began to build, with a total area of more than 2000 square meters, $50 milli…

    Chinese and foreign celebrities waxworks

  • Huaying Mountain - China Wine Culture Museum covers an area of 1000 square meters. With a total investment of more than 1200 million yuan, designed to let people into "apes make wine", "…

    Wine Culture Museum

  • Huaying Mountain early in 1927 with the activities of the underground Chinese Communist Party, during the period of the war of resistance against Japan, Premier Zhou Enlai once sent in this open mill s…

    The Huaying Mountain guerrillas Memorial

  • Huaying mountain peaks of Baoding, Huaying Mountain peak, 1590.8 meters above sea level, is one of the Eight Buddhist shrine. Overlooking the Baoding area, five parallel mountains resembling a outstret…

    Buddhist culture

  • The worlds three major fold Yichuan East parallel ridge and valley (the other two were located in North America, Appalachian State, South America, the Andes down the Rocky Mountains), Huaying Mountain …

    Shilin wonders

Attractions Appreciation Tour

The early development of the world's rare Shilin Karst wonders


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Summer health, leisure

  • Huaying Mountain Hotel

    Located Huayingshan tourist area, is China's Excellent Tourism City, within only 4-star hotel Huaying

  • Huaying Mountain Food

    The unique characteristics of the cured products Guang'an small bacon, duck, salt, egg, mustard Royal Council

  • Major festivals

    Huaying Mountain Tourism Festival since 2006 to carry out, has been successfully held. Sichuan tourism has become a new brand of cultural development, since organized, each attracting domestic and foreign tourism and cultural festival

  • Featured entertainment

    Live CS, expanding training base, whips, campfire, hiking Assembly, spring, etc.


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